Throttle pedal position sensor

Throttle pedal position sensor





Due to global parts shortages these will not be avilable until June, please leave a stock request and I will get in touch as soon as I have parts again.


This is a NEW drop fit replacement for the Pedal Position Sensor on a Maserati 3200 GT

  • Uses contact-less technology and should last as long as your car
  • All metal construction with metal roller bearings and is considerably more solid that the Bosch OEM part
  • Has a precision contactless rotary electronic sensor and not the simple potentiometers in the original parts. 
  • It has two redundant signal outputs just like the original and these are electronically matched to remove the usual ECU errors caused by wear and mismatching, on the OEM parts.  
Precision Quality - hand built by an enthusiast and was originally made to cure repeated errors on his own car, which has run with one of these for over 5 years without issue. 
The unit is Guaranteed for one year from purchase and can be returned for full refund if you are unhappy for any reason as long as it remains undamaged and unused.
Note: UK Delivery is £15. Europe delivery is £25. Worldwide delivery 3-5 days with DHL is £55 please inquire. 
This version with better matching on the 2 outputs, further improving performance with this car. Note that this version also has improved spring force, and reduced body diameter to make it easier to fit in horizontally mounted frames.
Any questions - please do not hesitate to ask
some comments from previous customers 
"well worth the money and effort" 
"It is a massive improvement over a standard part so it gets my vote"
"I had this fitted to mine, worked great."
"a big improvement in idle stability and no more CEL's
  • Returns and Guarantee

    I guarantee all of my parts for 12 months and will accept returns if you are unhappy for any reason. 

    I can perform testing on older units if you have one that you are conerned about, see support page. 


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    Sales to Europe will not include UK VAT (so 20% lower price) and VAT may be charge on receipt of the shipment at your local rate.

    Other world wide sales are mostly excluding VAT (20% lower than displayed) and again there may be charges on import to your country.

    Inquire if in doubt.

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