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Are the Volvo throttle bodies the same as the OEM Maserati units 

The Volvo throttle bodies share the same body casting, motor, spindle, electronics, and sensor system as the Maserati parts. So there are actually very few differences. The most noticeable one is the choke diameter and the throat profile. In converting these for use with the 3200 i modify the programming, the set up and the throat profile. These are then matched to the Maserati profile in an air flow testing system, so that the feel when driving is the same as the OEM units. 

Why does your pedal sensor only have 4 wires and the original has 6?

The 3200 pedal sensor has two position sensors. In the original part these are physical potentiometers, with wiper arms and carbon tracks, and this requires 2 power supply wires and 2 x earth wires so you need 6 wires. The replacement is a contactless electronic rotary sensor and so although it also has two separate sensors these share a supply and earth so only 4 wires are needed.

What is your return policy?

I build these parts to make the cars run better and also to allow owners to keep their cars running as Maserati no longer make pedal sensors or throttle bodies. 
If you are unhappy with my parts send them back and I will give you a refund, or correct any problem.

Trade in deals 

If you are purchasing any of  the throttle bodies listed on the site here I will take your old one in any condition and give you a £120 refund.