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After a few TVR's and one or two interesting cars I bought my 3200 15 years ago and meant to keep it for a few years. 

Every time I thought about selling it , I thought what can I replace it with? Nothing had the same special feel to it.

So i just kept it and I still have it! 

My car was uncared for and i have had to deal with all manner of problems on the car, and I do some of the work myself and get help when I need it (don't ask my wife about this she doesn't agree). 

I love the 3200 but the drive by wire really bothered me as its both fragile and the parts were expensive and dont last long. So I decided I could do better :-). I am a product design engineer and did some years on automotive research, so came up with the pedal sensor and also the test rig that allows me to set up the throttle bodies. 

I am a partly retired engineer trying to help keep these magnificent cars on the road.  If I can help a few other owners have an easier ownership and keep one or two cars going I will be happy.

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