Maserati 3200 throttle body converted from new Volvo unit

Maserati 3200 throttle body converted from new Volvo unit

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This is a Volvo ETM modified for use with the 3200 GT. You will get a Volvo unit converted for use with the 3200 and then fully tested. The units are guaranteed for 12 months. The internal construction is not disturbed during modification, so you will get the same build quality as a new Volvo part.


The newer Volvo ETM's have an upgraded rotary sensor and improved magnetic assembly as well as a Volvo contactless rotary sensor system, compared to the original 3200 parts, all of which enhances reliability.

The ETM is converted and set up and tested specifically for the 3200 and is supplied with a mating gasket. The choke is modified and air flow behaviour mapped to match within 3% of the the Maserati part. Maximum air flow is typically 7% higher than Maserati OEM parts. 

Installation requires no set up or adjustments, and it should drop fit onto the car. Fitting these can cause an initial error warning light so you should have the capability to clear ECU errors (it will run error free once installed).



    These new Volvo units are fully tested for air flow and operation in the car before shipping so are guaranteed to be in the best condition possible. This is the only option open to owners to obtain a new throttle body for the 3200, since Maserati have discontinued the original part. 


    All our units are guaranteed for 12 months and you can return it for any reason, even if you just don't like it. I only make these to help owners get the best out of their 3200, so if it does not do what you wanted send it back, if there are issues I am happy to help and I do understand that the 3200 can be a tricky and frustrating car to work on. 


    Inside the UK I use royal mail special delivery, with insurance. Within Europe express postal services mostly do quite a good job. Worldwide i use DHL express who can get parts any where within 3-4 days and are good with the paperwork. i can use a courier of your choosing if you have a preference. 

    UK is £15 postage special delivery, Europe is £25 tracked and signed and insured, and worldwide is £55 by DHL Express and tracked. 

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