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Welcome to the 3200 parts store, the must visit site for Maserati 3200 owners. There is information, technical help and specialist parts to sort out your car, and keep it running as it should do.

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Help and trouble shooting 

Available for Download

Pedal sensor 

Some tips on how to set up the pedal sensor and also how to work out when its not working properly


Throttle body 

Some tips on trouble shooting throttle body problems.

Complete pedal sensor instructions

A copy of the instructions for installation and set up for the pedal sensor

Throttle body install instructions

Copy of the throttle body installation instructions

Suspension issues 

Some notes on known issues with the 3200 suspension


Central locking 

Some notes on issues relating to the central locking system


Alternative parts list 

This is a list of owners suggestions for alternative sources for parts that are no longer available or hard to get.

ODBII resources 

This contains working files for Unidiag and a list of codes with some help files

ODBII error code list

A list of error 
codes for the 3200

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Our Origins is essentially an online store, offering my products and support to 3200 owners from the comfort of their own homes. I am a one man business  with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update and improve the 3200 owning  experience (I hope)

I have  owned a 3200 for 15 years and in that time developed parts and knowledge to allow that car to be kept in good running order. You can benefit from these tested and tried parts and spares and the knowledge base here to help you keep your magnificent 3200 running in peak condition.


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